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20 August 2011 @ 02:14 pm
I don't know if this will get any comments seeing how this comm has been dead for 2 years but I'm going to try! So I just watched the show for the first time and fell in love with Olive/Ned. Due to the show's untimely end I'd like to know...

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*off to make some icons...*
23 September 2009 @ 01:35 am
52 icons, all Kristin Chenoweth @ the 2009 Emmy Awards.

Innocent bystanders: (BFF) Erin Dilly, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Vanessa Williams, miss Emmy Award.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

52 icons - Emmy Awards
10 June 2009 @ 02:39 am
[01-22] Merlin (BBC)
[23-34] Pushing Daisies
[35-38] Dawson's Creek
[39-50] Sherlock Holmes


09 June 2009 @ 04:08 pm
I can not get enough of Ned and Olive....
I have been dying to make a video for them..
So here it is!!

(Please, watch HQ. It looks so much better.)

Song: Breathe Me, by SIA
Show: Pushing Daisies
Characters: Ned and Olive (Season 1 only!)
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18 April 2009 @ 12:30 am
Title: Jealousy
Fandom: Pushing Daisies
Pairing: Ned/Olive
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Episode tag for 2x11
Author's Note: I don't post fanfiction often but there's something about this show and pairing that I can't stop writing about. So here we go, a small tag for 2x11. I actually finished this before I saw the end of the episode. I'm amused at how similar it turned out. Please review, this is the first fic I've posted to this fandom so would appreciate some constructive criticism.

(Follow the fake cut to my journal)
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03 April 2009 @ 02:56 am
Multifandom Drabble Meme

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27 March 2009 @ 03:49 pm
[75] Pushing Daisies 2x11 Window Dressed to Kill
[x]Contains HUGE SPOILERS concerning Ned and Olive for an unaired episode in USA.
[x]Credit if using
[x]Do no hotlink, crappy Photobucket Bandwidth and I will thank you.
[x]Sorry for the repeated icons, it was my mistake while editing the tables.
[x]Enjoy them

Preview (spoiler free)

(Hello, is it me you're looking for?)

Thanks blondezilla90 for the caps.
07 March 2009 @ 03:26 am
24 Kristin Chenoweth (+ Bill Irwin, Patti LuPone, Douglas Sills)
10 Candide (Lincoln Center, 2004)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

34 icons: KC, Candide, Music In The Air
05 March 2009 @ 01:39 am
I made a .gif with the caps that blondezilla90 posted here.

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22 January 2009 @ 12:13 am
One of the greatest things of Pushing Daisies is that thanks to them not only do you discover the amazing show but each one of the great members of the cast. Because I'm from Spain, thanks to Pushing Daisies I found out about Kristin Chenoweth's singing career. And thanks to her lovely voice I discovered a song called "It Will Be Me", which is so Ned/Olive that it needed a fanvid.

And I did it.

Hope you like it!

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In Megavideo
On Youtube (HQ recommended)

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